Manchind Singh

Born and raised in Scarborough, Manchind Singh has been photographing life in his community for the past 7 years. From taking strolls through the park to mundane TTC rides, he continuously captures the beauty in his day-to-day experiences. Growing up in Scarborough has allowed him to gain an appreciation for shooting a mix of nature and city life within his own neighbourhood which is highlighted throughout his work. His vision for livening the ordinary aspects of life has transformed into a passion for street photography which complements his desire to represent Scarborough in the Canadian and global contexts.




A blue monochrome poster of Bob Marley hangs on a lilac wall. Beneath the poster is a sign that reads "In practice with social distancing please keep 2 meters (6 feet) apart. Thank you." Below sits a yellow worn out plastic shelf housing magazines, and a balvk chair frame next to it. The wall on the left has a black decal of palm trees.

Michael - Endurance Medley



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