Wonji Shin

Wonji Shin is an artist who has recently jumped into digital art. She is still in the early stages of her art journey and somewhat lost as to what subject or styles she wants to call hers. For now, her subjects have been mainly K-pop artists and Korean celebrities whom she is exposed to a lot as a Korean Canadian. She enjoys realistic art styles using vivid colors, sometimes with gouache and watercolor textures. With certainty, Wonji can say that she is always searching for different subjects and inspiration, and is looking forward to this opportunity with ARTSIDEOUT.




A portrait of an East Asian man wearing an all black attire with sunglasses, pointing a gun straightforward.
Portrait of an East Asian man wearing a red leather jacket and sitting on a motorcycle. The portrait is shown against a blue background with yellow wording on the upper right corner that says "REBEL WITHOUT CAUSE" and red wording that spells "JIMIN PARK" on the upper left corner.
A portrait of an East Asian man in a pilot attire, linking arms with two stewardess on his left and right.
A portrait of an East Asian man wearing a knight suit of armour with blue and yellow fish surrounding his face and upper body.

Meera - Endurance Flute Quintet



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