“ENDURANCE” is the ability to resist through and recover from adversity.


10 AM - 11 AM: VIP Tour

⁠11 AM - 12 PM: Endurance Within: Writing Workshop by Creative Flow (Lamia Firasta & Siham Karamali)

⁠12 PM - 1 PM: StereoVisual: Speaker Workshop by Aubrey McGhee

⁠1 PM - 2 PM: This Uke's for UTSC: ASO Edition! by Professor Lynn Tucker

⁠2 PM - 3 PM: Looking Back, and Looking Forward: Speaker Workshop by ACMSA (Professor Maggie Reid)

⁠3 PM - 4 PM: Introductory Song Formation & Community Spotlight by Radio FWD (Ramisa Tasfia)

⁠4 PM - 5 PM: Bird's Nest Pendant: Jewelry Workshop by Laurie Poirier

⁠5 PM - 6 PM: Character Creation Workshop by Jasmine Scott

⁠6 PM - 7 PM: Intuitive Painting Workshop by Sumera Khan

⁠7 PM - 8 PM: Endurance: Painting the Possibilities by CounterPose (Thea Vu-Nguyen)

⁠8 PM - 9 PM: A Tomorrow Together: Poetry Workshop by Farah Ghafoor

⁠9 PM - 10 PM: Digital Open Mic by Music 303

Land Acknowledgement

ARTSIDEOUT is rooted at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Toronto (from the Haudenosaunee word Tkaronto) has been a site of human activity for 15,000 years. This land is the territory of the Huron-Wendat and Petun First Nations, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. The territory was the subject of the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant, an agreement between the Iroquois Confederacy and Confederacy of the Ojibwe and allied nations to peaceably share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes.

Toronto is the home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work and celebrate art and creativity in this territory.

We would also like to highlight that ARTSIDEOUT 2021 is accessible globally. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to engage with our international community and would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the lands that our diverse community calls home


ARTSIDEOUT is a large-scale, one-day, multidisciplinary arts festival at the University of Toronto Scarborough. The festival transforms U of T Scarborough with site-specific installations, exhibitions, performances, film screenings, and more! ARTSIDEOUT is a result of wide-ranging collaboration between student organizers from various disciplines, community organizations, and passionate artists. Involving individuals from various walks of life, ARTSIDEOUT celebrates the rich diversity of the community. Due to the extraordinary circumstances brought about by COVID-19, ARTSIDEOUT is proud to adapt and expand the festival to reach the global community and celebrate how the arts continue to bring us together during this time.


ARTSIDEOUT challenges the familiar use of space and forms connections between artistic practices in Scarborough (and around the world). Inspiring critical engagement with ordinary spaces and artistic expressions, ARTSIDEOUT promotes creativity and offers a venue to explore artistic skills, viewpoints, and concepts. ARTSIDEOUT reveals the potential that is inherent in everyday life at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

“We bring Scarborough’s art side out.”

About Endurance

“ENDURANCE” is the ability to resist through and recover from adversity. In 2020, humanity was met with new challenges that we had never collectively faced before. With the dawn of 2021, we have slowly adapted to the resulting changes. However, the end of these twists and turns is not yet in sight. In a year where we tightrope on the edge, we must continue to hold onto the essence of hope as we practice endurance resiliently. We invite artists to challenge their vulnerability and creativity by sharing multidisciplinary artworks that explore what endurance means to them in the year of 2021.


You-Jin Kim

It’s been a wild journey. From performing as a confused and lost first-year student in 2019, to becoming a Performance Curator in 2020, to finally taking on the role of the Director of Operations in 2021, I really can’t believe I actually made it here. ARTSIDEOUT has truly been with me in every step of my university experience, and I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of it. It’s incredible to see how art can truly connect people from all ends of the globe in ways that little else can. When the COVID-19 pandemic was at its height, and multiple incidents around the world had me feeling like there was nothing good left in this world, music was what kept me going, and writing was the outlet that helped me let out my emotions. Art, in many ways, helps us endure through and through, even when we are at our lowest.

Thank you endless to my fellow team leads, Rachel and Jo Anne, without whom I would have lost my mind several times over. Thank you to the Advisory Board for always helping us stay on track and for providing support whenever we needed it. And thank you so much to all of the artists, workshop facilitators, ambassadors, programmers, and executives who worked hard to make this day possible.

It was an honour to be able to see the beautiful art that has been created for and because of ARTSIDEOUT, and to be inspired, in turn, by it. Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and let your #ARTSIDEOUT.

Director of Operations
Rachel Wang

The prolonged pandemic has made us farther apart from each other and brought many obstacles to our daily lives. In hopes of returning to our life without COVID-19, we must withstand any hardships that are placed upon us and continue adapting. This year’s theme stems from the challenges our world has faced during these difficult times. The artists have come together to shed light on the ways they have coped with situations surpassing the pandemic. From personal to social issues, the artwork shows what endurance means to each artist and the different experiences or achievements they acquired as a result.

This year’s festival and the team have been a great example of endurance, as we were able to join hands from various parts of the world and build this work of art. Through each of our hardships, we collectively came together to showcase the creative voices and strength of multidisciplinary artists. ASO would like everyone to reflect upon the methods of coping that have helped you through the various challenges you may have faced in the past.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to my team, especially Jo Anne and You-Jin, who have persevered and continued to work hard to put this event together. Thank you to the advisory board and partners who have been the greatest support system. Most importantly, thank you to the many artists who without this entire festival would not have been possible. We hope ARTSIDEOUT 2021 brings great positivity and motivation to evolve through these ever-changing times.

Jo Anne Snell

ARTSIDEOUT has had to adapt as we all have. That adaptation has what I believe, opened the door for ARTSIDEOUT to be bigger and better than in person, and I hope I can be there to see that even though I am graduating soon. I am proud of my journey with ASO, as unexpected as it may be. I never thought I would love the arts management aspects of my position as I have at ASO. Coming to UTSC in 2018, I had come as a last choice of program and had no idea what Arts Management is. Now I am really embodying all that I was told an Arts Manager does from my first class. I am wearing all the hats, and I am grateful that ARTSIDEOUT is one of those hats. Because of ASO and UTSC, I am where I am. Currently, I hold executive positions in three UTSC clubs, I have co-founded a new non-profit organization (StereoVisual), and of course, I hold the Director of Community Relations and Outreach position at ASO. I am, and forever will be grateful for the time I spent engaging with the arts at ASO and UTSC.

I want to thank my co-leads Rachel and You-Jin. Everything about ARTSIDEOUT for the past two years has had to change for every change in the world. I’m glad to have had them by my side in working for ASO. They both inspire me with the work they do, and the challenges they overcome, and I know this experience will have a huge impact on their futures.

Finally, I want to thank all of our sponsors, partners, workshop collaborators, and general ARTSIDEOUT supporters. We wouldn’t be as awesome without you and we hope you can always be a part of the ARTSIDEOUT family. Make sure to always let your ARTIDEOUT all year round!

Barry Freeman

I extend my congratulations to the entire ArtSideOut leadership for once again finding a way to stage our student-run festival in spite of the obstacles. Your chosen theme this year, endurance, certainly captures the mood of the moment. We all feel like we've been dealing with the pandemic for longer than we expected. Without understating the impact this has had on us all, I have to say as Chair of Arts, Culture & Media that I have been constantly impressed by our community's capability to adapt. Sometimes I find comfort in stepping back and thinking about all that humans everywhere have endured for centuries, millennia, and how making art has been a solace for us the whole time, as a means for us to hope, to commune, to protest, to cry out, to reveal, to teach, to heal. Here in our community, ArtSideOut has been there to give our students the space for all those experiences, participating in this ancient practice. Thank you for your hard work. It matters.

Studio Artists Overview

Aissatou Nesta Badio (Portrait),  Don’t Touch

Anastasia Meicholas (Visual Art), Strength

Arthur Dennyson Hamdani (Visual Art), In A Box

Catherine Mirren Hinchley (Visual Art), Eruption

Catherine Mirren Hinchley (Visual Art), Free Fall 

Catherine Mirren Hinchley (Visual Art), The Dancer

Christiana Ceesay (Immersive Art), Cost of Endurance

Christine Delay (Mixed Media), Snowglobe #63 'Hourglass'

Eirini Abadeer (Painting), Walk with me

Geettana Srithayananthan (Digital Art and Wood Art), Rain Rain Go Away

Irvin Mlungisi Nkwanyana (Visual Art), VOICELESS AND BLINDNESS

Jeivana Srithayananthan (Graphic Design), Things Will Get Better

Juno Zhang (Comic), The Sun That Rises and Sets, A Flower That Wrinkles and Bears Fruit

Laura Kay Keeling (Visual Art), When It Gets Dark, I Have Shallow Breath

Leila Chenari (Painting), Ancient History

Leila Chenari (Painting), Dance in Imagination

Leila Chenari (Painting), Lost In A Dreamscape

Manchind Singh (Photography), Staying Alive

Navshimmer Kalra (Painting), Gardener’s garden

Navshimmer Kalra (Painting), Multidimensional Anxiety 

Pearl A. Sequeira (Visual Art), Embracing my Sensitivity

Pearl A. Sequeira (Visual Art), Releasing Deep Wounds, Feeling Anger 

Rajsree Mandal (Visual Art), A Moment of Euphoria

Rika Nakane (Multimedia), Wish Upon A Senbazuru

Stephanie Kim (Digital Art), Eucalyptus

Stephanie Kim (Digital Art), Peony

Stephanie Kim (Digital Art), Violet 

Sumera Khan (Mixed Media and Visual Art), Then there was B

Tanika Johnny-Gauntts (Visual Art), it’s not over yet

Umulkheir Abdi (Charcoal and Graphite),  3 faces

Victoria Lee (Photography), Flower Child

Wonji Shin (Digital Art), Home Ground

Yaara Eshet (Illustration), God of the forest

Yaara Eshet (Illustration), 

Women dream

Performance Artists Overview

Alex Levesque (Music), Just Got Paid

George Yonemori (Poetry), I Actually Failed

Irudaya Dance Company (Dance), The 5 Senses in Cine-Classical 

Isabella Fong (Lo-Fi Music), When The City Sleeps

Kelcie Dominic (Music), Say Something (Cover)

Nicole Kozak (Film), Craving Intimacy

Rika Nakane (Multimedia), Filtered Windows 

Sumaiya Mahbub (Music), Sumaiya Mahbub for Artsideout

Ujwal Kartik Mantha (Interdisciplinary Art), 

The Study of Everyday

Special Projects Overview

Abbas Haddadian (Poetry), This is Me (In Manam)

This poem is about a Tamarisk tree speaking to nature about what it has endured and how it has remained resilient. A Tamarisk tree, or in Persian known as derakht-e Gaz is a tree that grows in the middle of the desert that is very resistant against the harsh conditions of the desert and is a sign of life. The tree is essential to the many animals that live in its ecosystem and was the inspiration behind this work.

Amanda Mac (Digital Artist), Transformation

In many Buddhist and Asian cultures, koi fish represent perseverance and overcoming adversity in one’s life. According to legend, koi fish scaled waterfalls with the promise of happiness and success at the top and when they finally reached it, they transformed into golden dragons. In times of stress and difficulty, I find it helpful to remember what I'm working towards and why these goals, which may appear unreachable at the moment, are important to me. 

Arthur Dennyson Hamdani (Visual Art), Doubt me

Doubt Me is a digital artwork stemming from the theme of enduring self-doubt and negative thoughts. It is a GIF that flashes four different styles of the same self-portrait. Throughout my 1st year of university, I spent most days inside my room interning at a visual design agency and attending online classes that are 11 hours behind. I essentially conducted my daily routine in two opposing time zones that led to constant exhaustion, stress, and sometimes anxiety. Every day seems the same, but I always have to figure out different ways to cope with the immobilizing frustration. Each of the portrait styles represents the different ways I've reacted and coped with the situation that I had struggled to accept.

Ivy Lin (Dance), Hold Me While You Wait

The song that I am dancing to is Hold Me While You Wait by Lewis Capris. The movement in the dance expresses how Lewis is feeling throughout the song and the heartbreak he is experiencing. The dance shows the struggles he goes through, as he is in a relationship with someone who isn’t sure whether they want the relationship or not. Through high/low extensions, curving of the body, and sharp/soft movements of the body, the emotions of each part of the song are recognizable in the dance. The theme of endurance plays a huge role in this choreography as I am constantly moving and dancing to music, while there are very few rest times in the choreography.

Rajsree Mandal (Visual Art), Stronger Together

Strong Together is a digital artwork that represents the struggles as well as a feeling of hope and togetherness that we've faced since lockdown started. In the background, I’d like to paint gradients of light colours with an outline of a map of the world on top with a darker colour/colours. On the map, there will be soft red dots varying in sizes and quantity throughout the map representing the COVID-19 cases.

Sky Ravin (Mixed Media and Visual Art), Angry Child

Angry Child is a piece speaking to the rapid growth most have gone through due to the 'panorama.' Embracing the fact that we've had to start listening and living with ourselves without having the excuse of the fast-paced life our society runs on. Angry Child shows the endurance it takes to live in your emotions, identify why you're truly feeling them, getting to the space where you’re done feeling those and want to live in new ones, and learning to treat yourself like your best friend. This is a piece about embracing your Angry child because they’re amazing.

Yaara Eshet (Illustration), She carries the world

Despite the great advances in women's rights, most women around the world carry double burdens, the burden of earning a living and caring for the home and family. In fact, housework and raising children, from which there is no respite or rest, are considered non-job and have no economic benefits or any other benefits (such as health insurance and vacations) that any other full-time job has. This tireless journey, represents for me - endurance

Zion Kim (Music), Resilience

After years of loss, trauma, hardship, and growth, there is only one word that is left in my mind to remind me of the hopeful future: resilience. As we move forward with the motions of life, this song conveys the importance of staying strong and the importance of help. With lyrics that depict some struggles I've had in the past, I hope you all can relate to the theme and enjoy the song.

Thank You

Thank you endlessly to our Advisory Board, Angela Tran, Colin Harris, Sydney Cabioc, Lynn Tucker, Erin Peck, and Claudia Wong, for their ongoing dedication to the festival as board members. Without them, ARTSIDEOUT would not have been possible.

Another thanks to the Department of Arts, Culture and Media for their continued support towards ARTSIDEOUT. Thanks also to the festival associates, UTSC Clubs and Campus Groups, artists, ambassadors, and community who made this festival possible.

Special thanks to Monica Hretsina, Minda Nessia, Barry Freeman, Chris Garbutt, and Beth Caulfeild Dean.

And a huge thank you to the Computer Science Enrichment Club for their hard work in building this website and making it as accessible as possible.

Our Team


Director of Operations: You-Jin Kim

Web Coordinator: Sara Mushtaq

Secretary: Halcyon Zoubaidi

Finance Manager: Oceana Ling-Kurie

Graphic Designer: Ridia Mamun

Social Media Coordinator: Ashley Heng

Marketing + Communications Manager: Andrea Porcel


Artistic Director: Rachel Wang

Studio Curator: Stephanie Kim

Performance Curator: Oliver Hakim


Director of Community Relations and Development: Jo Anne Snell

Workshop Coordinator: Sonia Tao

Clubs and Classes Coordinator: Meera Mohindra

Ryan Bucao



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