Anastasia Meicholas

As a teen growing up in the Bahamas, Anastasia Meicholas made her work public and entered art and photography competitions. She then spent a very long time keeping her work private. Finally in 2012, she started showing her work at pop-up galleries in Alberta.
Anastasia formed a non-profit organization,The Meicholas Art Foundation, in 2016. This allowed her to promote her art as well as the works of up-and-coming artists. Over the next three years she had exhibitions at Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park, The Kirschner Family Community Art Gallery, Keyano College Art Gallery, Wood Buffalo Regional Library and The Art Foundry at River Station. She conducted private art classes at various schools and through the Fort McMurray Heritage Society.
In 2017 she was nominated for the Arts Council of Wood Buffalo’s visual artist award and her non-profit foundation was nominated for Arts Administration. That same year she moved back to Toronto where she took part in local markets and artisan fairs. In 2019 she was given space by the Scarborough Arts Council to display several pieces of her work.




Ancient Egyptian painting depicting a man embodying the Eye of Horus, the Ankh and YinYang.

Kelcie - Emotions



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