Irudaya Dance Company

Irudaya Dance Company is a Toronto based, not-for-profit dance company and school specializing in Bharathanatyam and Cine-Classical, a dance genre they founded through their creative collaboration of traditional dance and cinematic music. Irudaya Dance Company's' mission is to educate, promote and diversify the Canadian arts sector, by using the South Indian dance form, Bharathanatyam as an avenue to explore creativity in choreography through maintaining technique. While offering a broad range of initiatives including, professional advancement, arts education, and community engagement in Ajax and Scarborough.
Irudaya Dance Company has a deep passion for charity work and believes in using their art to empower and give back to the community. As a company, they have put together and been a part of two sold-out charity productions “Magical - The Tales of Disney Princesses,” in 2014, and “Journey - A Glimpse into Tamil Cinema,” in 2016, raising a total of $32,000 for Markham Stouffville Hospital, the South Asian Autism Awareness Centre (SAAAC), the Canadian Cancer Society and Mahadeva Suwamigal Children’s Home in Kilinochi, Sri Lanka.
In 2017, they began to share their dance pieces on social media with the hashtag - #IrudayasJourney and have received support at a global level reaching over 6M views. In the modern age, many traditional dance forms tend to be forgotten. However, Irudaya Dance Company continues to teach the techniques of the ancient South Indian dance form Bharathanatyam, using authentic methods.



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