Irvin Mlungisi Nkwanyana

Irvin Mlungisi Nkwanyana is a Johannesburg based visual artist specializing in Cold casting as a main medium for his sculptures. He has a National Diploma in Graphic design.

He uses his art to instigate some social issues and to unwrap the core values of African livelihood, their traditions and customs.

His love for art took direction when Sarah Richards saw his potential and dedicated her time in refining his natural talents.

He has showcased his work in different exhibitions around Johannesburg, Durban, working with renowned art curators in South Africa. His latest collection was exhibited at the Bloemfontein Museum as part of the ArtBank commissioning program 2020-2021. He also took part on various projects including the execution of the late Dr AB Xuma for the National Heritage Monument which has greatly shaped his career as an Artist.

“The opportunity to get involved and make a contribution towards something that is monumental and special has been a great experience for me as an Artist and working with a group of dedicated artists has enriched me with the knowledge and understanding the impact that the visual art has in our communities and greater respect for my craft”- Irvin Nkwanyana.




Statue of an African American man blind folded.

Michael - Endurance Medley



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