Arthur Dennyson Hamdani

Arthur Hamdani is a second-year international student from Indonesia at UTSC. Although he chose not to enrol in a Visual Art program, he carries out his hobby of creating artworks on the side. He first took art seriously in high school where he studied abroad in China. Transitioning from a Science to a Humanities and Art student, he embraces his creative side and has since created art pieces that are featured in physical and virtual exhibitions. With a concentration in oil painting, charcoal, and realistic portraits, Arthur loves to explore outside his comfort zone where he experiments with themes and media as a form of reflection of himself and his surroundings.




Portrait of the artists sitting at the foot of his bed,against his dark wood cupboard in meditation. On top of the cupboard there are miscellaneous objects. On the wall behind the cupboard, from the right hangs a partially visible, Japanese style tapestry of a wave, in front of which two wooden slatted crates are stacked like shelves, holding more of the artists belongings. The same wall, towards the left is littered with pictures the size of polaroids.
Portrait of the artist progressing through his thoughts - Faded sketch of a man, A male figure tinted in blue, Running thoughts depicting anxiety, Glitches, and A gorilla swallowing a man.

Kelcie - Emotions



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