Catherine Mirren Hinchley

Mirren Hinchley is a Toronto, abstract painter who took up acrylic painting after retirement. Her process is based on experiential learning and it has allowed her to find a direct voice to her inner feelings during these difficult times. She has been able to let herself go and express her creativity on canvas. She wants her paintings to make a statement, to provoke the viewer to think and talk about what they have just seen. Her works have been shown in Toronto galleries and online galleries in Milan and the UK with enquiries from Spain and Crete.




Canvas splattered with layers of bright red, midnight blue, and pink, almost spiraling outwards from the middle left, mimicking a dancer spinning.
An explosion of colours; purple, white, pink, black, coral and green streaming upwards, with randomised splashes of gold and silver.
Canvas scraped with a palette knife with layers of navy blue, coral blue, dark green, dark orange, light orange, yellow, black, white and pink.

Ryan Bucao



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