Pearl A. Sequeira

Pearl A. Sequeira, a Third Culture Child, is deeply connected to beauty of humanity and nature in inclusive communities. As a child she learned that careers in visual arts were not valued, and for many years, was limited to drawing basic stick figures. More recently, while participating in a collaborative project, she discovered the power of her visual skills to communicate complex messages. This experience nudged her to explore her untapped artistic talents. Today, she creates paintings that examines complex emotions, narratives and subject matter, using colour, texture, and mediums. Her art integrates wisdom across multiple domains, to challenge perspectives.




Abstract painting resembling cut outs of vivid coloured papers (blue, purple, red, yellow, and green) scattered across the lower left side of the canvas and patches with darker shades are stitched together on the upper right corner.
Abstract painting - bright yellow, red, and blue scraped on canvas with a palette knife.

Ryan Bucao



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